Did you get your White (Smile) Christmas?!

Our whitening offer has been a fantastic success!

Did you get your White (Smile) Christmas?!

For nearly three months we’ve been offering half price home whitening and £100 off in practice whitening and so many of our patients have taken advantage of this amazing offer.  We’ve certainly helped Leicester get a little brighter (and whiter) this Christmas.....and beyond!

Whitening is fast, effective and, when performed under the supervision of a fully qualified and registered dentist, safe!  It can remove stains and marks from teeth which red wine; coffee and simply getting older help create.

A whiter smile has been proven to take years off of a person’s age (people put Kate Moss at 12 years younger when she had a whiter smile!) so if you’re looking to improve your smile,  teeth whitening really is the way to go!

Although our offer is finished, our teeth whitening still represents fantastic value for money so if you’d like to know if your smile could benefit from a whitening treatment contact our friendly team today to book a consultation.

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