Be aware of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer

Mouth Cancer Action Month continues throughout November

How much do you know about the signs of mouth cancer? Have you even heard of mouth cancer before?

If diagnosed early enough, the chances of surviving mouth cancer are 9 out of 10.  Sadly, due to lack of knowledge, too many mouth cancers are not diagnosed early enough.

When checking for signs of mouth cancer be #mouthaware.  Go through the following routine on a regular basis and contact your dentist if you notice anything.

·         Head and neck – check if both sides are the same and search for lumps, bumps or swellings

·         Lips – pull down your lower lip and look for sores, patches on the skin or changes.  Run your finger and thumb around your lips to feel for any lumps, bumps or changes.

·         Cheek – pull your cheek out and look inside for and red, white or dark patches.  Gently squeeze and roll your cheek to check for lumps, tenderness or ulcers.

·         Roof of the mouth – Feel the roof of your mouth for any lumps, bumps or swellings.

·         Tongue – Examine your tongue and look at the surface.  Stick out your tongue and move it from side to side.  Look at the underside and check for swellings or changes in colour.

·         Floor of the mouth – Look at the floor of your mouth and check for colour changes.  Feel the floor of your mouth and check for lumps and bumps.

If you find anything unusual or are worried about anything please contact a doctor or dentist.

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