Say goodbye to dentures in 2019!

Living with missing teeth or ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures can ruin your life. Losing confidence in your smile will affect not only your self-esteem but also how much you enjoy life as a whole.

Say goodbye to dentures in 2019!

Constantly worrying about a gap in your smile or loose dentures can affect every aspect of your life, from eating and drinking through to relationships and careers.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way….

Dental Implants are the permanent, secure way to replace missing teeth or dentures.  Implants look, behave and feel just like you natural teeth, fitting in to your everyday life and helping you to regain that lost confidence.

Because implants are secured in to the jawbone on titanium screws (it sounds more gruesome than it actually is, honest!) you’ve no concerns about dentures becoming loose, sores developing or you not being able to eat the foods you enjoy any more.  Once the screws are fused with your jaw a dental restoration, designed to sit seamlessly with you natural teeth, will be fitted and your new, improved smile is ready for action.

To find out more about the benefits of dental implants, and if this treatment might be your solution to missing teeth, contact us.

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