Want a straighter smile in a fast time?

Ask our Leicester dental practice about the benefits of short term orthodontics!

Want a straighter smile in a fast time?

Not everyone with crooked teeth requires fixed ‘train-track’ metal braces to achieve a straighter smile.  For many people who are just looking to make their smile more aesthetically pleasing, short term orthodontics offers a solution to those couple of crooked teeth or small gap.

At our Leicester dental practice we offer two short term orthodontic solutions – Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

Both of these orthodontic treatments are discreet, fast, comfortable and effective.  They gently reposition teeth so that they are straighter and look more attractive.  Short term orthodontics is not designed to be used for patients who have more deep seated alignment issues; in those circumstances we would recommend a more traditional approach to achieve the very best smile.

If you would like to know if your crooked smile could benefit from short term orthodontic treatment at Moti Smile Design Centre, give our friendly team a call to book your no obligation consultation today!

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